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Setup for iPhone and iPad to GoogleApps

And GoogleApps What is? GoogleApps I feel that is …

Gmail is a system that they viewed the mail by using the Web browser was made in-house development of the original Google, gmail has its own domain after the @ sign, such as, for example, it *** @ myname.com . wherever you can use Gmail in the same system as the domain and it does not @gmail.com, have your own is a nice place. and create a new user name is @ gmail.com, account was thinking does not quite make, the part before the @ is like wearing your own if GoogleApps. It is said that is where the left side of the @ and the domain of course, this is also possible to operate in GoogleApps an existing domain, nor can make the existing domain that do not have owners.

Business to GoogleApps has paid the standard for further free. Advertising does not have any difference in most of the Business. Is where I think may be paying $ 5 a month there. We operate with a guarantee of 99.9 percent. Person in charge of hard work andsystem administrators who will be reduced.

Was longer would preface, and this is the set of GoogleApps for Business on the iPhone · iPad. The same is true GoogleApps Standard.

1.Setup for iPhone and iPad

2.Operation check

1.Setup for iPhone and iPad



Settings–Mail, Contact, Calendars–Add Account…

E-mail settings are completed even if you select “Gmail” At this time, the system will befetish, which is set at, “Gmail” push method, which is set at “Exchange” to say push and fetish.

Why different?

An email will arrive in real-time “push”. Are also reflected in the iPhone · iPad as soon asthat is fixed in the Web contacts, calendar also.

It will be synchronized at regular intervals “method Fetish”, the time lag is born is to arrivefrom out against the mail.

Because the message is sent in the push comes, “push” If you want to use In the same way that it seems convenient way. This is true also contacts and calendars. If you or workjointly, sharing contacts in one company is very convenient.


Please try to imagine a scene like this (example). Mr. B has received a phone call at the office, the secretary of Mr. A, receiving the appointment of the teacher by phone alwaysis writing to Google Calendar. Mr. B was added to the calendar of A teacher received a phone call from the PC as usual.

Time lag is born until the calendar on the iPhone rewritten A teacher ‘s method “fetish” in this case. Will be added to the calendar of the iPhone and iPad A teacher as soon asyou change it and “push”. Very important this time lag.


2-1 Enter your e-mail address. The format of  this hogehoge@hoge.com.

2-2 This is OK in the blank.

2-3 Here is the e-mail address was placed 2-1. User name = e-mail address is also wellGoogleApps Gmail.

2-4 This is the password of the mail.

2-5 Here is still good “Exchange” of the initial value, it is recommended to be changed to make it easier to GoogleApps etc. at a later time.

When you are finished, please tap Next.




What Was there a screen like this? If you did not go to the next as if, because it misspelled e-mail address or password is incorrect, please try to look back once again.

Is complete and then type “m.google.com” where it is recommended to enter on this screen is the place, “server” one.

Leave questions and contact information to complete this set, or replace it with Gmail and GoogleApps contacts will come. When are migrated from your mobile contacts, etc., have not been synchronized to contact Google, please select the “Leave”. When not inname only a few contacts yet without hesitation is “replace”.

People who have chosen to leave puts a check to sync your contacts from the”information” when you try to synchronize by connecting the iPhone and iPad in iTunes,Google contact once put a check to “Sync contacts Google” further it is safe and keep your contacts synced to the iPhone · iPad destination.




When you are finished to Step3, so come to the screen settings in  Mail, Contacts, Calendars,  please tap on the inside of the GoogleApps account.


If you are using Gmail and GoogleApps gradually, so it looks like give priority into folders automatically mail you really need is Google and then (laughs), e-mail folder to “push will also organize your mail without having to “Please set according to your circumstances. I like only the Starred folder. This is the tray priority. So “just unwanted mail to” Really I look at the incoming folder will be anxiety and no mail comes too sometimes and “? I wonder if I came e-mail to” Really, just the wonder of the filter of Google but is awesome.



2.Operation check

Step5. Check Mail

Please try out an email to Gmail from your computer or your own GoogleApps. I think because it is a push, and that appears to mark the number of unread e-mail immediately.

This email is OK. Not have to wait three minutes to launch a personal computer wherever you are, you can check the mail in one second.

I was able to save time 2 minutes 59 seconds = 179 seconds at a time from a PC with this confirmation. In the eight-hour labor day, if you check e-mail about three times per hour. 3×8=24 24×179÷60=71.6 minutes. As $10 per hour…  Is a saving of approximately $11.93  wow…
Step6. Checking the Calendar

Although I think the iPhone · iPad calendar, and some of the top of the screen to home, please try to tap.

When your are not included for the first time of course what any plan. Log in from the front page of Google in a personal computer, please try to open the calendar in. Please try to add something to an appointment today. Please try put out today by tapping the screen of the calendar and set it aside. the iPad and iPhone.

I think that I can check and put the plan on a PC, is also being changed instantly Calendarof iPhone · iPad. wow…

Here again is the emergence of a piggy bank now. Schedule had been received into the secretary, it can be confirmed as soon as you put in your own iPhone now. Time lag ofseveral seconds, but of course, on the go, at the trip destination, in the train, at home, even on the golf course, you do not have to adjust the phone anymore. Is freed from theanxiety say in addition to mental stress of refuse or place a phone call, or you canre-adjust the misalignment, and no longer looks pocketbook. I think whether or not you can imagine how much fun if you share a schedule in the team, and, most importantly.Please put $10 into a piggy bank per day. wow..


Step7. Checking the contact

I was about to set up I want to synchronize Exchange contacts in real time here to tell you the truth, I like the contact synchronization.

Left is my contact, and keep it open, you can log on the PC Gmail · GoogleApps, please try to open your own place of contact. Although I think that there is a photo of Mark doll, of course, please try changing it to a suitable photo. Photos are added, will come mysterious, and contacts of your own iPhone · iPad for a while. wow…

Google contacts now standard in May 2012 has and it can be used to save 25,000 ofcontacts. Text of the memo field of the contact 128kb × 1024 ÷ 2 = 65536 character isalso supposed to be saved also.

It is guessed. The value of when I went to save the team, the necessary items in the memo field and your situation. Yes. Is that so. In the words necessary from among those,coming from a second search for contacts in 25,000 of the required information by usingthe logic of the search engine Google.

Is the emergence of a piggy bank for the third time. Suppose you took an hour to find outif information about the history of a people. If the state that contains the contactinformation of Google, people search in one second better to look at a $ 10 hourly rate.Minutes = 16 cents from 60 minutes.  You put into a piggy bank $9.44 each examine a person. wow…
 This time, how we did was practice using GoogleApps for Business in iPhone · iPad. It is thought that the next set of Android. I’m afraid in a personal matter, Android does not mean hate. iPhone and iPad is the only easy to use.


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