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Cloud Drive by Dropbox

This is a way to be viewed from any terminal to which, the documents and all sorts of things such as video and all iPhone · iPad · Android · PC, photography, and. For more information, please check here to verify the page of Wikipedia Dropbox.

We will introduce using Dropbox for Teams and Dropbox.

1.Sign up for Doropbox

2.Installing Dropbox

3.Sync and version control (coming soon)

4.Fun Dropbox for Teams (coming soon)

1.Sign up for Doropbox


Please jump to the Web of Dropbox. Then proceed to “Create Account” from the “Sign in” in the upper right corner.

Since the jump to the page of “Create Account”, please enter the required fields. Please push to create an “account if you agree to the terms of theDropbox.

Please note point. E-mail address you need to create will be on your ownaccount sign-in name of Dropbox. If you arrive a name I would like to share a file with multiple name not, please sign-in name decided to consider well.If you want to share in the company, to create a team name in the e-mail address, If you put that email address is useful, for example. If you are using e-mail address is useful in your own person.

 2.Installing Dropbox

From here we will discuss each case and so is the difference between how to install Android iPhone · iPad, and in Mac · Windows. Please try to ask whereyour model is purchased if any questions. it will be Windows or Android toiPhone · iPad · Mac If you do not, so there is a mark of apple (^_^;)

Case of Windows

Download will start at the bottom and then click the Windows Home Dropbox. Ifthe installation is complete Susumere along the step after installation, so there is a way to jump to the page.

* In the case of Windows, so you can Dropbox folder in the document, synchronization will start and put in the necessary files and folders.

So you can Dropbox icon in the task tray, set up folders to synchronize changes or folder can be changed from there also.


Case of Mac

Dropbox for MacDownload will start when you click there will be a link near the bottom of the Macfrom the front page of Dropbox. It comes is opened folder, such as the left andclick to open since there is an arrow that you downloaded to the upper right corner of the Safari, as it is picturesque, please bring it and drag it to theapplication in the Dock. Since the Dropbox later in the automatic startup if it is possible to restart once, preparation is OK if you sign in with your account that you created.

Because it can be a folder called Dropbox folder under the user ‘s initial state,the setting is complete If you put your Dropbox folder to suit your music, photos,video, etc. to your liking. Folder and other settings so you can change at any time, please try to change the place you need from the settings by clicking the icon for Dropbox small task tray.

Point should be careful about when you turn on the required folder in the folder ofDropbox, depending on the application, you may not be able to start to move a folder, you must reconfigure the working folder for each application There are also certain cases. As a matter of opinion as data recovery company, it is recommended that you be taken to proceed from a portable HDD, etc. Always back up once. You can return at any time from the backup side something.

Case of Phone・iPad

DropboxI think when you tap the “Search”, and hit the first come – and type “Dropbox” – “Search” by tapping the mark of the App Store. Please mark it reached thelandmark of Dropbox on the left anyway.

When you reach, please install it by tapping the free of charge. Even when you install free apps that require authentication, so, If you do not have to sign in, please enter your password and AppleID. Since AppleID will be automatically entered once and you are signed in, please complete the installation by tapping the “OK” to enter password only. Please try to synchronize the folders need totap the icon according to your preference.

Case of Android

Google PlayIf you do not, please tap the icon to the left by pressing the menu button on the screen. After I come out on top and if it is possible to find the mark of amagnifying glass in the search for Dropbox. Within the app so to enter the menuand we’ll tap the installation, it is OK to put a sign-in name and password sign-inDropbox made ​​first by tapping again.


Were cheers for good work. I think probably take three hours to get here andhow. It takes time of course is such that it can not be helped, please rest assured that three hours it came back so many times at the convenience of thethen ten. It takes 3 hours to complete even though I have a backup. Please putsome coffee and relax. Have a nice day!


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